Auto Test Expert

An API-based testing tool to design, build and execute test cases for any business product or technical scenario

Auto Test Expert

Testing tool to Design, Build and Execute

Auto Test Expert (ATE) is an API-based testing tool with capabilities to design, build and execute test cases for any business product or technical scenario (performance, close of business, etc) in a financial institution. The product uses a combination of robotic process automation and AI to handle the end-to-end test cycle – from test design to reporting.


Direct API based testing (SOAP/REST)

Consumes from an integrated API and enables test to be run from the ATE interface to the CBS.

RPA Test engine

Validates the data integrity based on the functionality parameterized.

Verifies the data redundancy and necessary alert messages are generated.

Auto test data generation

Test cases are auto generated by a drag and drop function; passed or failed test cases can also be replicated in the test area.

Test cases in a project can be broken into modules, scenes or single cases.

AI based quality reporting

Checks the test steps in addition to capturing the passed and failed test cases and stages in a report.

Test Bed/Case Reporting

The test bed which is divided into modules, scenes or test cases retains hierarchy even when dragged and dropped. This hierarchy is also used for test case reporting.

Performance, Online & COB Load testing

Tests can be carried out online and during COB for dependent test cases.

Performance script cases are also available for checks on the system performance tests.

Core & Local code testing

Core and local code tests are possible and can be sent as a test case via ATE to test the availability, functionality or operational status.

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