CBS Control Panel

A tool kit to aid fast and consistent execution of recurring tasks in a core banking institution

CBS Control Panel

Tool Kit to aid recurring Tasks

CBS Control Panel is a bot-based framework which can be fully leveraged to automate recurring activities in various areas of operations in a financial institution, there by significantly improving efficiency.

CBS Control Panel is a tool kit that can be readily expanded to aid fast and consistent execution of recurring tasks across departments in a core banking institution.


CBS Control Panel is a tool kit with multiple features available for clients/users to explore and assist the Core Banking System.

These tools are unique and diverse in their features which makes banking easy and secured, with high standards.

Facilitates understanding of the bank’s functionalities and operations.

These tools will play a vital role during the testing phases of development or upgrade in banking projects.

It will be more supportive for COB/EOD procedures to be followed.

Customization as per the banks’ requirements will be available.

Assists the developers during development, deployment and packaging.

Expert standardized video-based training aid.

Provides a digitalized version controlling system.

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