CBS Monitor

An end-to-end, multi-layer monitoring system for core banking applications

CBS Monitor

Monitoring System for your Core Banking System

CBS Monitor is a Core Banking system monitor specific to advanced versions of core banking systems, providing one step application, system resources, interfaces and database activity in an integrated fashion. CBS Monitor is the answer for an end-to-end, multi layer monitoring system for core banking applications as well as the surrounding integrations landscape.


Check system parameters

This function checks the system configuration and setup, thereby giving an insight into the current configuration used application-wise, module-wise or by the core system tables parameter setup.

Monitor Bottlenecks

Allows encrypted interaction with the Core Banking System without divulging the actual, intended voice commands.

Check key process

The dashboard monitors the service manager's status continuously.

All the vital service agents pertaining to payments like SWIFT and other alerts are rapidly monitored.

Monitor key files and tables

The changes to the system key files and core tables are captured and maintained for audit purposes and stored in an audit log.

These changes are recorded and graphically represented on a dashboard for easy analytics and insights.

Monitor Customer Traffic

Analytics on new and existing customer trends and classifications are created on a daily basis, which are recorded in a customer audit log.

Check services and agents

This dashboard represents the services, their current status and signifies if a service is currently processing a job, the count, status, agent details and the job distribution of each agent.

Continuous alert of system health

Based on the event setup, the application monitors and alerts the user. A general monitor dashboard provides an overview on the current system status including the COB status and trend analysis, drawing a comparison between previous COBs.

Monitor key interfaces

This dashboard monitors interfaces integrated into the core banking environment and shows failed and processed transactions, providing insights on tracing interface-related entries and understanding when an interface is down, clogged or needs restarting.

Monitor message traffic

The interface dashboard can be used to capture and understand messages from failed transactions.

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