Clear Crunch

A customizable solution to track medium and long-term progress of strategic business products and revenue KPIs

Clear Crunch

Customizable solution to track progress

Clear Crunch is a customizable on-premise or cloud-based product which provides unique insights into the effective use of modules in a Core Banking System, assisting institutions in calculating ROI based on their business product portfolio and offers real-time, fully updated information on how users are utilizing the Core Banking System, the volume and types of transactions placed, the patterns of customer interactions with the bank and the commercial and strategic performance of the modules against the set KPIs which is critical for the bank to align their strategy with their corporate goals.

Clear Crunch is powered by a unique collaboration between our domain expertise, product knowledge and data science functions. It is our strong belief that all these three areas require to co-exist and collaborate in correct proportions to provide the most effective and actionable intelligence.


Unique Insights of your CBS Data

Transforms data into actionable insights leading to strategic and tactical business decisions.

Real-time overview of the business in the form of graphs, charts and reports.

Geospatial mapping through presentation of performance, region-wise.

Clarity of Module Performance

Transaction analysis

Revenue analysis

Branch-wise and Sector-wise analysis

Profitability and Value Analysis

Revenue analysis on various dimensions like product, fee, branch, etc.

Top 5 branches in terms of profitability.

Customer Segmentation and Insights

Branch-wise and sector-wise analysis of major income and expenditure heads.

Customer-wise profitability analysis on various facets like gender, DAO, area, product, etc.

Performance of Products and Measuring Effectiveness

Product-wise interest income earned

Product-wise profitability

Top 5 products in terms of profitability

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