D Run

The first digital platform that will be a direct cost saver and accelerator to faster upgrades and conversions

D Run

Automate all your repetitive tasks using D-Run

  • Customization: Enables the end-user to define individual steps with adequate checks, ensuring transparency and visibility.

  • Analysis: Capability to perform comparative analysis of multiple executions.

  • Measures: Provides reports which can be used to implement pro-active measures required for overall process improvement.


Digitally maintain and run and manage runbooks

Translate runbooks into digital runbooks with dependencies.

Maintain resource details needed for execution of the whole cycle.

Digitally analyse system performance results

Monitor timelines for the whole cycle and for individual processes.

Maintain multiple timelines for any given process.

Easy identification of areas of concern.

Accurately track run-book execution

Reduced dependency on key project resources.

Real-time dashboard updates with execution timelines and error status.

Comparative analysis dashboard of multiple cycles, by quality and timeline.

Proactive incident management

Track and analyze issues encountered in each of the execution cycles.

Single window to manage and prioritize issues.

Easy integration with multiple systems for issue updates.

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