The first API in the world to provide disruptive, voice-based access to digital channel apps

Use Finglide and talk to your Core Banking System

Use Finglide and talk to your Core Banking System. Design services from any area of your Core Banking System and execute them through voice commands. Finglide integrates with all the application security layers implemented and provides you secure, role-based, easy access to retrieve key information from your Core Banking System.

This removes the typical complexities associated with accessing the Core Banking System for initiating various tasks or gaining information from various modules. Finglide now allows Senior Management to directly receive inputs from the Core Banking System without any technical skills or dependencies on resources. We truly believe, with Finglide, you can Breeze Thru Banking!


Talk to your core banking system

The app offers the flexibility of hands-free interaction with your Core Banking System, through the use of voice commands.

Use pseudo messages for maximum privacy

Allows encrypted interaction with the Core Banking System without divulging the actual, intended voice commands.

Personalized voice training for increased security

Finglide allows customization which enables the user’s voice to be captured in different modulations, which can be changed later, at will.

Voice-based navigation of complex enquiries and results

  • The concept of voice-based enquiry saves the time of logging into the system and navigating the menu before accessing the required information.
  • Results on the application are a combination of different automated enquiries.

Enables senior management to have easy access to department KPIs

  • Finglide offers increased efficiency.
  • The management can access and approve information without any delays.
  • Finglide also offers an opportunity to the management to better understand the efficiency of the core banking environments

Allows users to access information in the language of their choice

The application is available in multiple languages for the user to choose from. It accepts voice commands and returns the result of the query in the same language choice.

A simple user-friendly interface

  • The user interface is simple and user-friendly without any complex screens. Manuals are not required to understand the user interface.
  • Access complex results from your CBS with a simple user interface.

Easily integrated with all other systems in the solution landscape in addition to core banking

  • Apart from CBS, Finglide can be integrated with other API systems. Finglide can consume any available API (SOAP, REST).
  • With this functionality, Finglide can be integrated to an already existing system without having to re-engineer or discard the existing system.

Fully designed for digital and remote access

The Finglide application is accessible from anywhere outside the environment premises.

Information is made available anywhere, anytime, thereby eliminating the need to manually login to the CBS and access information

Global and off-premise accessibility means that the application saves the stress of relying on VPN to login to the CBS in order to access information.

Enables increased engagement between the user and the CBS

  • The voice function empowers the user to be active on a menu on the CBS and still return queries from other menus on Finglide without having to change screens.
  • Finglide consumes from multiple environments without having to log off from one CBS environment. The user can access other environments via Finglide to enquire and return results.

Allows for easy customization and integration with any core banking system

Finglide can be customized and easily integrated to the CBS or other third party applications such as mobile or internet banking systems.

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