GL Expert

A distinctive tool for analysis and reporting of GL differences and mismatches in a bank

GL Expert

Use GL Expert and analyse General Ledger differences in a bank

General Ledger (GL) Expert is a tool that provides analysis and reporting of GL differences in a bank, typically after running overnight activities, based on which fast resolutions can be planned and executed. This tool can visibly highlight the differences in the GL of a Core Banking System.


Daily health check on the GL/position difference

Once the services are initiated, the GL/position difference from the system tables is checked and analyzed to find the mismatch keys.

Produces the summary report for the GL/mismatch/position as well as the difference amount.

The service also prints the financial report summary of the GL difference or the GL mismatch which has occurred at runtime.

Extract complete list of daily entries

The tool extracts the various parameter tables and accounting entries which would be instrumental in further analysis of the occurring mismatch, GL difference or position difference.

These extractions are stored in a folder GL.EXPERT.DIR

Reduces the time taken in resolving mismatch/position and GL differences

The tool automates manual processes involved in analysis and identification of the problematic contracts for resolution.

It also solves the complexity of identifying the sum difference of the accounting entries which will be printed in the report.

It also eliminates the lengthy hours spent in running extraction tools which is used to only extract information from the accounting tables for analysis.

Produces the summary report for the GL/mismatch/position and the difference/amount

Identifies the GL mismatches that have occurred on the system and presents a report on their resolution.

Reports are presented in 2 parts: summary and detailed report.

Reports can be downloaded, printed or sent via mail.

A handy tool to extract financial information for PACS support

PACS is support offered by Temenos for issue resolution

The tool extracts all the needed information for PACS additional support. Reports are available on the menu screen for instant viewing

Reports are available on an integrated finance manager menu screen to manage and view reports without requiring technical assistance for backend spooling of the report.

Can be executed during business hours or with COB

This tool can be executed as COB or Online Services without affecting the system performance.

Analysis of mismatch report and documentation of granular information on associated keys

Fully equipped to calculate the difference amount on the accounting entries leading to the differences.

Analysis of accounting entries/accounts and contracts (ECB)/GL Keys involved in mismatch and get details of the transactions causing the differences/mismatch.

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